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-  Effective Control of Contractor Movements
   Contractor Tracker allows you to manage your contractors and pinpoint their whereabouts at anytime. 

-  Online H&S Document Filing System
   Contractor Tracker provides a database of all contractors information - crucial for Data Protection and compliance. This
    database provides the company with set procedures for access and permit prior to contractor's arrival. As all the relevant 
    H&S paperwork is documented and archived by the system for each specific job, it removes the company's liability.

-  Manages Multiple Buildings/Sites
   Contractor Tracker allows you to manage all your buildings, sites, offices or units online by any required personnel.

-  Online System on a 100% Secure Cloud Server

    Contractor Tracker's cloud solution is 100% secure and falls into part of any company's disaster recovery plan as it's
    hosted off site. The server provides a daily backup of all data.

-  Requires No Additional Hardware
   Contractor Tracker requires no additional computer terminals as it is an online application.

-  Easily Tailored to Suit Company Needs

    Contractor Tracker is easily adapted to suit each individual company's needs.

-  Completely Paperless
    Contractor Tracker removes the need for a paper trail and creates a paperless society.

-  Issues Monthly Statistical Reports
    Contractor Tracker can generate statistical reports for any management meeting or for invoicing purposes.

-  Accessible 24/7 Anywhere, Anytime
    Contractor Tracker is an online system that can be accessed 24/7, from anywhere via wired or wi-fi.

-  HSE Compliant
    Contractor Tracker ensures engagement and accountability as it guarantees all compliance (certificates) are uploaded.

-  Compulsory Compliance Upload
    Contractor Tracker ensures that all certificates are uploaded so that compliance is guaranteed, so no human error can
    occur risking the insurance of the business.

-  Permit to Work System
    Contractor Tracker is a permit to work system and can archive any permits you wish to use.

-  Complete Project Management System
    Contractor Tracker provides complete project management from one system.

-  Complete System Build within Weeks
   Contractor Tracker can be built and implemented into your working practices within weeks.

-  Branded with Your Company Logo Throughout
   Contractor Tracker is branded with each company's logo throughout, this helps the contractor identify your company.

-  Upgrade at Anytime
   Contractor Tracker can be upgraded to suit at anytime if any new rules or regulations come into practice.

-  Minimal Training Requirements

    Contractor Tracker is incredibly simple to navigate through and requires little training in order to use and due to it's
    simplicity, it will benefit companies who have a high turnover of staff due to the lack of training requirements.

-  Simple to Use
    Contractor Tracker is extremely simple to use by both company and contractor.

-  Cost Effective
    Contractor Tracker frees up time for FM's to allow them to make more site visits thus saving time and money.

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