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Contract Manager System

Contractor Tracker is a 100% secure cloud-based system that monitors ALL contractors work activities in multiple properties or locations. It gathers all relevant uploaded H&S documents, insurance certificates, CAD drawings, etc and files them accordingly. It has a 'sign-in' and 'sign out' facility that records all contractors work activities and accurately calculates all hours worked. It issues monthly reports that contain all job information within a specified time period and allows you to score each contractor's work quality. These are just a few of the features that can be implemented.

The software requires the contractor to engage and populate the system with all of their specific Health and Safety files. This ensures that you get an accurate collation of data, compliance and that no insurance claims can be won on the lack of H&S information supplied. The contractors use the system to do all the preparation work before any job begins this makes Contractor Tracker a cost effective system for your company as it streamlines the admin and data collection burden.

Basic Step-by-Step Guide - some system pages illustrated to the right >

Contractor Registration:
Contractors make a one-off registration; this generates an email to the main administrator within the company managing the site.

Registration Approval:
Main admin read and check over all information that the contractor has input into the registration form within the system. They then either approve or decline it. When approved the contractor will be notified by email. This approval permits the contractor to access and use Contractor Tracker. (Admin can decline at this stage of Registration).

Approved Contractors:
Contractor is now approved. They now have to log in, using their password and username details, to the managing company's Contractor Tracker system for any future works. We advise a zero tolerance approach to this as some contractors may want to keep using old procedures. It is in your interest to advise them that this system will help with internal audits, invoicing and general efficiency when managing your external works.

Making a Work Request:
Contractors fill out a work information form. Within this form they are asked for job specific work details, specific H&S documents and if their insurance is still in date. Please note that the system will flag up to you if any insurance is about to lapse. It will give a 30 day countdown of when this will happen.

Uploading Site Specific H&S Documents:
Contractors will be asked to upload site specific H&S documents relating to their specific work request . Once they have completed this and pressed continue, the system will advise that an email has been sent to main admin for checking.

Work Request Generated:
The system sends an email to specified administrators when a form has been completed. It lets them know when a request is ready to be viewed.

Admin Check Work Request:
Internal administrators log in and check all work request information submitted by the contractor. Within this page they have an area where they can type in any additional work related information and can communicate this to any other specified administrators regarding the request. These comments can influence whether the job is approved or declined.

Admin Approve Work Request:
Once internal administrators have agreed to all of the information regarding the request eg dates, times, location availability, etc. they can then approve it by clicking the Approval button. (Admin can decline at this stage of any work request also).

Approved Work Request:
Contractors get notified by email that the work has been approved.

Contractors Start Work:
The contractor is now able to carry out the work on the dates and times specified.

Contractors Private Area:
All contractors have a private area where they can upload new documents or change their original registration details at any time. Each step is carefully laid out so that they know exactly where they are on the system. If they encounter any problems they can either contact the admin in charge of the system or STL who will help with any query.

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